Scratch Manager

IMG-20170729-WA0014David McClory MBA (AKA Scratch Manager) is the Managing Director of Numid Ltd, management consultancy specialising in strategic problem solving, programme design and resilience planning.

A former Army officer, David has 15 years management experience in local government across crisis and resilience planning, operational service delivery, strategic problem solving, service improvement and project management. He’s one of only a few local government employees to attend the Cabinet Office Policy School at 10 Downing Street and in 2017 served on the Grenfell Response Team.

On completing an MBA, David established a business to broaden his experiences and apply his skills in support of a wider range of services and businesses.

Outside of the office and workshop environment David spends as much time as he can with his infant son, runs marathons and travels to unusual places, including Chernobyl, North Korea and Area 51.

See David’s LinkedIn page for more information.


Mist of Management

This blog began in 2012 to track and document learning through MBA studies at the Open University.  The blog provided a useful means to record real world application of the MBA studies, testing academic theory in the real world of management, and continues to do so beyond the MBA.


Twitter: @ScratchManager

Facebook: Mist of Management


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