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I started Mist of Management as a personal blog while studying part-time for the MBA, using it to cement my understanding of the various academic theories and case studies I’d researched. As I became more adapt at applying these theories in practice, I expanded the blog to record experiences and evidence of the successes and limitations of the theories in the real world of business and organisational management.

Instead of burying my learning material after completing the MBA, I decided to make it public, sharing my copious notes and experiences for anyone studying management or seeking to develop their skills as a manager and a leader.

Over time the blog has transformed into a website of articles and research, which I very much hope you find useful and informative.

David McClory (@ScratchManager)

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David McClory MBA, is the Managing Director of numid ltd, a management consultancy specialising in strategic problem solving, programme design and resilience planning.

A former Army officer, David has 13 years management experience in local and regional government; starting his career in crisis management and resilience planning, before moving into strategic problem solving, service improvement and project management.

On completing the MBA and receiving a distinction for his work based project on culture change and organisational development in the public sector, David established numid ltd to broaden his experiences and apply his skills in support of a wider range of services and businesses.

David is one of a handful of local government managers to attend the Cabinet Office Policy School at 10 Downing Street.

In 2017 David served on the Grenfell Response Team as a humanitarian aid co-ordinator and in 2020 programme managed the London Public Health system response to the Covid-19.

Outside of the office environment David spends as much time as he can with his infant son, runs marathons and travels to unusual places, most recently to Chernobyl, North Korea and Area 51.

See David’s LinkedIn page for more information.

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