Kanban in Practice: using Kanban to drive performance in the public sector

Putting Kanban into practice as a project management tool in the public sector to drive service delivery


Assessing corporate culture in practice #2 – Using Kotter and Schein to assess culture

Now that I’ve established why understanding the corporate culture is important (see previous blog on that here) it’s time to go ahead and design an approach that will explore and assess it. “If we are to gain an insight into and perhaps some control over our situation…. we need to develop our understanding of how…

Assessing corporate culture in practice #1 – Kotter’s Culture vs Performance assessment

5 months ago I embarked on the challenging task of seeking to assess and influence the culture of my organisation. Using a range of management theories and concepts, I’ve managed to characterise the organisation and develop a long-term cultural vision for the organisation. This blog will look at some of the successes, and failures of…