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Managing people, processes and organisations can be a daunting task. Very few have the luxury of formal training or education before being thrust into a leadership or managerial position. Suddenly, the responsibility lies with you. A good manager knows that there is no ‘right way’ that fits every situation; the challenge of mastering ‘management’ is never complete and needs constant revision, self-assessment and development.

Theories and models

Exploration of management theories straight out the MBA text books. Exploring and comparing management theories across a range of discinples

Theory in Practice

Application of management theories in real life business and management environments, drawing from personal experiences of the authors in reviewing management concepts.

Practical Management

Sharing tips, tricks and skills in the practice of management in the real world, learning from experience to improve personal performance as a manager.

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Established in 2013 as a personal blog to supplement MBA studies and learning, Mist Of Management has developed into a expanded to support all managers and students of management in their development

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