Applying for public sector jobs

Thinking of applying for a public sector job? How do you successfully apply for a public sector job? The application process for public sector jobs can be complicated, understanding how to complete the application can mean the difference between your application going in the bin, or getting an interview.

Courageous Conversations: Dealing with difficult employees

How do you deal with a difficult employee? How do you tell a difficult staff member that their behaviour or performance is unacceptable? How do you have a 'courageous conversation' with a difficult member of staff and get your point across successfully? Step-by-step guide for any manager to conduct a courageous conversations and deal with a difficult employee and avoid escalating the situation.

Full-time job and part-time MBA? You must be mad…

Tired of hearing the phrase 'lack of management experience'? Thinking of studying an MBA? Wondering: should I study for an MBA? What's it like to work and study for an MBA? What's it like to study for an MBA part-time while working full-time? What impact does it have on your social life and work? How do you become an MBA Jedi? Eat.Sleep.Study.Repeat

Stakeholder theory

Stakeholder management theory. Who are stakeholders? What is the difference between stakeholders and shareholders for businesses and organisations? All organisations need to be concerned about stakeholder relationships, whether private businesses, public sector organisations or third sector charities, stakeholder theory unites all. Milton Friedman, Edward Freeman, Starik, Drucker

Understanding the industry environment

Assessing the strategic industrial environment through Porter's Five Forces. Assessing the attractiveness of markets, industries and the macro-environment Porter's 5 Forces: Competition, Consumers, Suppliers, New Entrants, Potential substitute products. PESTLE: Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Legal and Environmental

Motivating staff – Applying motivational theory in practice

Applying motivational theory in practice in the real world. How to motivate staff and employees Applying Herzberg's dual factor theory in practice. Examples of motivational theory in practice. How to motivate staff so they perform better and produce more

Motivating staff – Motivational Theory

How do we motivate staff? What is the best way to motivate employees? Theory behind motivation to and how to create a the environment and conditions to motivate teams and staff to deliver their best. Maslow's Heirarchy of Needs, Aldelfer's ERG Needs, Herzberg's Dual Factor Theory. Hygiene factors vs motivational factors