Discovering I’m dyslexic at 35

I discovered that I have dyslexia a couple of years ago. I really can’t over-emphasise the value that recognising my dyslexia has had. Knowing I’m dyslexic means I can do something about it. Finding out about dyslexia as an adult #dyslexia #dyslexic

Why do an MBA?

Since starting the MBA I’ve been asked by family, friends and colleagues: Why do an MBA? What are the benefits of an MBA? Is it worth doing an MBA?

Now I’ve completed the MBA and finally have time to reflect I can ask myself: Why did I decide to do an MBA? What did I want from from an MBA? What did I think the benefits of an MBA would be? Why did I put myself through the financial strain, endless nights of study and self-imposed social alienation that a part-time MBA requires?

…and finally:

Was it worth it?