What is Kanban? Using Kanban to manage work in progress and project delivery

What is Kanban and how can I use Kanban Boards to help monitor and development of products and projects? Kanban is a visual and flexible tool that can be adapted to support any project and product development system.


Assessing corporate culture in practice #1 – Kotter’s Culture vs Performance assessment

5 months ago I embarked on the challenging task of seeking to assess and influence the culture of my organisation. Using a range of management theories and concepts, I’ve managed to characterise the organisation and develop a long-term cultural vision for the organisation. This blog will look at some of the successes, and failures of…

Business Plan templates

Business Plans are documents which set out the goals of your venture, how they will be financed and achieved. They’re key to winning over potential investors. There’s a lot of template plans out there, so which is the right one for you? What the text book says The Open University MBA programme encourages the use…